PHYS 185 – Fundamentals of Physics 1

Instructor: Nicole DiGironimo


Office hours: By appointment - email me.

Class Time & Location: Tuesday 7:10-9:50; Curtis 343

There are two things you should always remember:

1.    This is your class, not mine. If, at any point, you have a suggestion for how I could improve the class – please tell me.


2.    My goal is to make sure you learn the material in the first 10 chapters of the textbook – not to torture you. Therefore, my plan isn’t to make things intentionally difficult or to make an ‘A’ unattainable. I will not hold the material over your heads and challenge you to “catch” it. I will present the material in the most straight-forward manner possible and I will answer every question you have to the best of my ability. But, you are responsible for your learning – I can’t insert physics information into your brain. You need to work on the material at home and you need to let me know when you need additional help or time understanding certain concepts. If we each hold up our end of this deal – this should be a wonderful term for all of us.



Various Materials

Class Notes

These PowerPoint presentations are produced by the textbook publisher. An edited version is posted here for you to use. However, I’m not going to lecture from these word-for-word. I will supplement these with additional information in class. Please do not assume that reading these eliminates the need to read from the textbook or the need to come to class.

Take-home Exams

·         Chapter 1 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 2 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 3 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 4 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 5 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 6 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 7 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 8 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 9 (.ppt)

·         Chapter 10 (.ppt)

These will be posted soon after they are distributed in class.

  • Exam #1 (chapters 1-5)
  • Exam #2 (chapters 6-10)

Possibly Helpful Physics Links

·         Spark Notes:

o    Vector Review

o    Kinematics (motion in 1-direction and 2-directions)

o    Dynamics (forces and Newton's laws)

o    Problem-solving Method

o    Inclined Planes

o    Work, Energy, and Power

o    Momentum (collisions)

·         Conservation of Energy



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