Elementary Curriculum: Science

Spring 2009


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Nicole DiGironimo                     


129 Willard Hall                                                                        


Office Hours:               

As announced or by appointment

Course Websites:         

Sakai@UD -

LiveText -

Required Text:

Krajcik, J.S., Czerniak, C.M. (2007). Teaching Children Science: A Project-based Approach, Third Edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill.


Additional Readings:

These will be provided in class or online.

Course Description:

EDUC341 is designed to promote an understanding of science education in the elementary and middle grades. You will explore the nature of science, goals for science education in the United States, children’s thinking and learning about science, assessing scientific knowledge and beliefs, and planning and enacting inquiry science instruction. The course will introduce you to current thinking and practice in these areas, and provide a foundation for lifelong professional development as a teacher of science.

Course Goal:

This course is designed for students to:

·         Gain experience in planning, conducting, analyzing and reflecting on one’s own science instruction.

Assignments and Grading:

All assignments (except for the Lesson Plan) will be submitted through Sakai and must be submitted before 11:55pm on the due date listed below. You will receive grades and comments for each assignment in a timely manner. At any point during the semester, you may submit drafts of your assignments for feedback.


Course Component

Assignment Due Date

Percentage of Grade

Prior Knowledge Project- Part 1

February 24th


Prior Knowledge Project - Part 2

March 10th


Content Report

March 17th


In-class Midterm Exam

April 9th


Lesson Plan

April 30th


Lesson Plan Reflection

May 14th


Take-home Final Exam

May 22nd





Group Participation





Revisions Policy:

If you are not satisfied with a grade you receive on an assignment, you may submit a revision of the assignment for re-grading. Your revision must be received no later than 2 weeks after the assignment was handed back to you. Your final grade on the assignment will be the average of the grades received on the original and revised versions of your assignment. The midterm and final are exceptions to this policy; your midterm and final cannot be revised. There will also be some smaller/daily assignments that are exceptions to this policy. Those assignments will clearly designate if they are not revisable.

Attendance and Professionalism:

You are preparing for a profession in which preparation, punctuality, and attendance matter. Regular and punctual attendance, active participation, and completion of assignments on time are characteristics of a professional demeanor and are expected for this course.


Assignments submitted late will result in a reduction of grade by 10% per day, with the exception of the final (which will receive a zero if turned in late).


Excessive absences from class, late or not completed field assignments, inadequate lesson plans, unprofessional behavior in university or school-based settings, field experience lateness or absence, dismissal from field experience, or other indicators of poor performance will result in withdrawal of permission to conduct science lessons. Under such circumstances you will automatically fail this course. Exemptions from these penalties may be granted in documented cases of serious illness, death in the family, religious observance, or other events that fall under the University guidelines for an excused absence.


We will use LiveText this semester for creating and submitting lesson plans. You will be able to create and modify your lesson plan with your teaching partner. You will also be able to submit your lesson plan for review as often as you want. I will provide feedback through the LiveText system.


My user name for LiveText is: digironimo


For those of you new to LiveText, here are some instructions on how to submit items online:

To Submit a Document for Review:

1.       Open the document

2.       Click the Submit for Review link in the upper right corner.

3.       To submit to your instructor, enter their username or their first name, a space, and last name. As you type, the system will list all matches, reducing the matches as you enter more characters. You can select the appropriate match from the list at any time.

4.       Click the Submit button. 

a.      The system displays "Submitting was successful" when your submission succeeds.

b.      The system displays "Was not able to submit to" when your submission fails. Please check the name, or username, and then try again.

5.       To ensure that you have ‘submitted for review’, from ‘My Desk’, click on ‘Reviews’.  Then click on ‘sent for review’ tab and you should view your document and the status of the review.

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