FM-203: Food and Beverage Cost Control

Basic Course Information

Course Meeting Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8-10am

Instructor: Nicole DiGironimo

Email: email link

Textbook: Food and Beverage Cost Control, 4th Edition, by Lea Dopson et al.


Course Calendar

This calendar is meant to give us a schedule which will keep us on track for the semester. We need to finish a chapter a week (and two chapters in the last week) in order to properly complete this course and prepare you for the Controlling Food Costs Competency Exam. The homework and quiz dates will not change and you may put these important dates in your planners. The Material Covered column is subject to change slightly (the page numbers are approximations, not guarantees); however, we will complete a chapter a week as planned. If you miss a class – use this schedule to keep up with the class.



Material Covered



PowerPoint Slides

Tuesday, June 23

Chapter 1 – pp. 1-13



Chapter 1

Thursday, June 25

Chapter 1 – pp. 13-22


Quiz 1 – Chapter 1

Tuesday, June 30

Chapter 2 – pp. 27-37

HW 1 due – excel files


Chapter 2

Thursday, July 2

Chapter 2 – pp. 37-47


Quiz 2 – Chapter 2

Tuesday, July 7

Chapter 3 – pp. 53-99

HW 2 due – excel files


Chapter 3

Thursday, July 9

Chapter 3 – pp. 99-121


Quiz 3 – Chapter 3

Tuesday, July 14

Chapter 4 – pp. 130-142

HW 3 due – excel files


Chapter 4

Thursday, July 16

Chapter 4 – pp. 142-165


Quiz 4 – Chapter 4

Tuesday, July 21

Chapter 5 – pp. 173-205

HW 4 due – excel files


Chapter 5

Thursday, July 23

Chapter 5 – pp. 205-222


Quiz 5 – Chapter 5

Tuesday, July 28

Chapter 6 – pp. 230-248

HW 5 due – excel files


Chapter 6

Thursday, July 30

Chapter 6 – pp. 248-257


Quiz 6 – Chapter 6

Tuesday, August 4

Chapter 7 – pp. 267-292

HW 6 due – excel files


Chapter 7

Thursday, August 6

Chapter 7 – pp. 292-320


Quiz 7 – Chapter 7

Tuesday, August 11

Chapter 8 – pp. 328-340

HW 7 due – excel files


Chapter 8

Thursday, August 13

Chapter 8 – pp. 340-351


Quiz 8 – Chapter 8

Tuesday, August 18

Chapter 9 – pp. 359-369

HW 8 due – excel files


Chapter 9

Thursday, August 20

Chapter 9 – pp. 369-381


Quiz 9 – Chapter 9

Tuesday, August 25

Chapter 10 – pp. 386-411

HW 9 due – excel files


Chapter 10

Thursday, August 27

Chapter 10 – pp. 412-427


Quiz 10 – Chapter 10

Tuesday, September 1

Chapter 11 – pp. 437-467

HW 10 due – excel files


Chapter 11

Thursday, September 3

Chapter 12 – pp. 470-497


Quiz 11 – Chapters 11 & 12

Chapter 12

September 7 - 10




Daily Review Questions

Each class will begin with a Daily Review Question. You will have 5-10 minutes to complete your Daily Review Question. Every Daily Review Question will ask you to provide definitions for terms chosen from the Key Terms and Concepts section of the chapter we’re working on. You may use your book for the Daily Review Question – the purpose of this activity is to practice using the terminology needed for discussions of food and beverage cost control.


Homework Information

There will be paper-based and computer-based homework assignments in our class. All paper-based assignments are due at the beginning of class. All computer-based assignments are due by email before the start of class (this will be determined using the timestamp on the email – so be cautious and email all assignments with plenty of time). There will be homework assignments for each chapter of the textbook.


Late homework assignments will be accepted but 10% will be deducted from the grade for each day the assignment is late.


Quiz Information

There will be 11 multiple-choice quizzes in this class. These quizzes are closed-book/closed-note quizzes. The quizzes will occur at the end of our Thursday classes and each quiz should take 10-15 to complete. There will be no make-up quizzes; however, an additional assignment can be done each week to make-up a missed quiz. See the section on Make-up Work for more information about this option.


Attendance Policies

You must attend class regularly and punctually. Excessive absences or lateness hinder your ability to learn the subject matter and therefore will result in failing grades. Students who are absent or late to over 15% of the program may be terminated from the school. Any student not present at the start of the scheduled class time will be considered late. A student who is dismissed from class, for any reason, will not receive any attendance credit for the day.


Your attendance will be calculated using the following formula:

            0.25 points will be earned if you are present at the beginning of class

            0.25 points will be earned if you complete and turn in the Daily Review Question

0.25 points will be earned if you are a collegially participating member of the class

0.25 points will be earned if you are present at the end of the class


There is a lot to cover in this course and every class meeting is important. If you are absent for more than three (3) classes you will drop below the 15% permitted by the institute. Therefore, if you have three or more unexcused absences an official letter will be sent to the school director. You may be dismissed from the program.


Make-up Work

You are required to make-up work and tests to meet the school's requirements. You may request to make-up any missed work (including quizzes) with me. You are required to make this request within 7 calendar days of the date of the original quiz or proficiency. Note: you will earn half-credit on all make-up work.


Student Conduct and Dismissal Policies

Students are expected to conduct themselves as professionals at all times in keeping with hospitality industry practices. Students should view enrollment as part of their professional growth, a step towards the temperament and attitude of the hospitality industry. A student's enrollment may be discontinued for unsatisfactory progress, excessive absences (over 15% of the course), failure to make scheduled tuition payments, violation of school rules, or violation of the school's policy on smoking, drug or alcohol use, or destruction or defacement of school property. Students will be given adequate notice of the school's intent to terminate their enrollment.


Academic Honesty Statement

All students must be honest and forthright in their academic studies. To falsify the results of one’s work, to steal the words or ideas of another, to cheat on an assignment, or to allow or assist another to commit these acts corrupts the educational process. Students are expected to do their own work and neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance. If academic dishonesty is suspected, all suspected students will receive a zero on their assignment or exam.


Cell Phone Policy

There will be zero tolerance for students using cell phones in this class. Your cell phone must be turned off or turned to “silent” before the start of class. If the class is disturbed by any noise caused by your cell phone, you will be immediately dismissed from class. There are no exceptions.


Uniform Policy

All students must follow the school dress code at all times. Therefore, you need to be in uniform when you are in our class. If you are not in uniform, you will be given the opportunity to fix the problem. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, you will be dismissed from class.


Grade Calculation

Your grade will be calculated using the following formula:




Daily Review Questions